Thursday, March 1, 2012

just a compilation of a bunch of stuff

a photo contest
  6 (30%)
a drawing contest
  2 (10%)
a handwriting contest
  3 (15%)
caption contest
  6 (30%)
other {specify in a comment please!} :)
  3 (15%)

Votes so far: 20
Poll closed
So, according to ^this,  it's a debate between a photo contest and a caption contest... tell me in the comments which y'all would prefer :)
On other matters: God's Girl tagged me! I've already received those awards, and did the post {here}. BUT, I will answer her questions :) 

  1. What is your favorite wild animal?  Okay, I'm just making this up on the spot, I've never really thought about it before :)  Giraffe
  2. What do you want to be when you grow up? hmm... I guess a wife and mom :)
  3. Do you like scarves or hats better? Hats! Hats most definitely :)
  4. Polka dots or stripes?   Stripes :)
  5. Are you a girly girl or tomboy? Kinda both...but mostly girly girl <3
  6. Guilty pleasure? brownies ;)
  7. Is there anything special you want to see on Gods Girlz? (if so name them) Ohhhh...craft or hair tutorials?
  8. Do you have any siblings? Yep! A big brother and little {okay, not so little} brother!
  9. Favorite Christian band? This is so hard for me to choose! Ummm...Mercy Me and David Crowder Band {they're "breaking up"!! :( } and Building 429! Yes, I know that was three...but, hey, I couldn't choose just one!
  10. Are you homeschooled? Yes, and I love it!
  11. Are you glad these are over? Well...sort of. I need to go make iced tea for dinner...

And now for some random facts!
~On the ride home from the library today, I had the absurd idea of stuffing Nutella up my nose to see how much would fit. Thankfully, I didn't.
~Oh, and you know what? I don't get the whole "i before e" rule...lot's of word have the e before the i...that rule just annoys me for some reason. :P
~Hey, I'm finished with my paper and I turned it in on time!
~So, I am a new author on  Meena's blog *Vanilla Scented*
Annnnd...yeah, I should really get working on the tea...
Have a great {rest of the}day, girlies!


  1. Thanks for doing it Trinka.


    1. Well, thank you for tagging me! :) {it was fun, I figured out what my favorite wild animal is!} ;)

  2. Fun (as usual) post, Trinka. =) Hope you got that iced tea made. ;D

  3. that is true about that rule! i think more words have e first than 46 or something?

  4. I love Building 429 :) I love their song Where I Belong...ooh and Made For You. Brownies....they are a piece of heaven :0 I know what you mean...think about rule breaker!! * piercing whistle*
    I need to do this today...I've meant to and I've been tagged with it twice...shame on me. Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)

  5. do a caption contest, and fyi, can you make a new mixpod for me?! on vanilla? thx! oh, and can you plz enter my caption contest on crafter's?! thx! oh, and e-mail me as soon as you get this with the subject 'problem' thx!


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