Sponsor Me?

Do want to sponsor me?
Here's what'll happen:

  • You sponsor a giveaway {whether hand-made or something you bought, I'll be eternally grateful!} 
  • I give you one month of free advertisement {your blog/shop button}
  • Someone wins what you sponsor, they are happy
  • because they are happy, I am happy
  • you get more visitors to your blog
  • therefore you are happy
And so, if you sponsor me, you'll be happy! :) {don'tcha just love my reasoning?}

If you have any questions, email me at amazinglove.trinka@hotmail.com


  1. hey, what exactly do you want for sponsers?!!! cuz, i can make jewelry, soap, and chapstick! but that's about it! i ♥ tht you wanted to be a blog author! it made me so happy! fyi, loved that devotional!

  2. for your next giveaway, i'll sponser again if you'd like!


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