want a blog button?

Do you want a button for your blog? They're basically like free advertisement!  
Lucky for you, I'll make you one! :)

My Price: FREE

What I offer:

  • whatever shape you want, rectangle, square, circle...etc.
  • I can use whatever photo you want, just email it to me with your request.
  • if you've already designed a button, I'll still do the html for ya ;) 
Don't know what you want? I'll make one for you that I think matches your blog. If you don't like it, sharks will eat you in your sleep.
...Just kidding ;) If you don't like it, I can remake it up to 4 times!
Want to see other buttons I've made?
My Portfolio

Please send your request to amazinglove.trinka@hotmail.com and label it "blog button". 
Thanks a bunch!


  1. Can you tell me how to make a blog button like yours?

  2. Do you have to sign in to my blog to do my button for me? I want to do a blog button, but it's kind of hard.



  3. Trinka, I would like to now how to make one like your circle ones and the code. The whole thing.


  4. Hey, I would love a blog button from you. I also am having a really hard time making a header for my blog if you could make them matching. I would be very happy to do something for you in return. =) Thanks!

    His Princess,

  5. if you'd like to know how to make a blog button, go to this link!



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