Friday, November 18, 2011

Promotional Friday?

Hey Girls!  So, I'm thinking of doing something like Promotional Friday. Where I promote a different blog, every Friday. ;) Yeah, the title kinda explains itself. :)
the first blog that I will "promote" is the blog
                        The Anonymous Antagonist
Written by the very cool, funny, random, Daniel-or DJ.
On his blog, he writes his thoughts concerning many different subjects, and basically whatever pops into his head :)
Here's what his "About" page says:
Started a couple years ago, The Anonymous Antagonist has always been and always will be foremost: a writer's blog. Bent on writing, filled with writing, injected with writing--the blog will never stop until the author's computer blows up. Hopefully that apocalypse won't come anytime soon. Even with a truckload of writing, the author finds time to talk about his every day life in a segment called Midnight Musings (a random post that occurs late at night). The segment was just started and is "making an impact on my life" he once said to himself.

      This blog is full of humor, or at least it wishes to be full of humor. Using wit and style, the author sometimes decides to do a post in which there is usually no narrative, but only characters that speak to each other. This is for his own practice of the art and for the enjoyment of the reader. Nothing is to be taken too serious unless told otherwise.

So, girls, what are you waiting for??? Head on over there! HERE, I'll put a link so you don't have to move your mouse all the way there ^. ;) 
Note: Yes, I do realise that it's Saturday, but I started writing this yesterday, sooooo just pretend it's still Friday! {PLEASE?}

So, what are your thoughts on "Promotional Friday"?
Good Day!


  1. Read Daniel's interview and thought he had a lot of good/interesting points. In posting these interviews, Raquel is doing a fab job - hopefully, she'll continue to do them.

    Your new "feature" sounds like a fun one, Trinka - and who cares that it's not still Friday? Posting it today works just as well. =D

  2. I voted on your poll!
    I am currently in New Zealand but was born in South Africa.


  3. Very cute!

  4. Thank you so much for promoting my blog! Doing a weekly promotion of others and their blogs is a great idea! Finding the blogs is probably the hardest part for me.

    I hope it goes well!

    Keep up the good work! PEACE

  5. @Rissi Yeah, Raquel IS doing a really good job at those interviews :) I liked reading his interview as well...though I liked reading all of them. :)
    And, thanks for overlooking my bad timing :)

  6. @Melissa Thanks for voting, and thanks for telling me where you live! That's pretty cool that you live in New Zealand, I've wanted to go there since the first Narnia movie was made :)

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. @DJ WilsonYou're welcome! I don't think finding the blogs will be tooo hard, I follow a lot of blogs :)
    And, thanks! :)


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