Friday, November 18, 2011

Prayer Request

Hey girls! This is going to be a short post, but I hope you don't mind.
I have a prayer request for you.  A friend of mine-though I don't know her very well- needs ALOT of prayer. Her mom physically and verbally abuses her. I'm not really positive that she's a Christian, so, could y'all please pray that she finds Jesus and that her mother woud stop abusing her?


  1. Hi Trinka!

    I just discovered your blog randomly, and thought I would say "hello!" :) I love your design here~~did you do it yourself? So pretty. :)

    I will def. be praying for your friend! So sad. :.(

    Lucia @ Umbrella Girl

  2. @Lucia Marie Hi! Well, thanks for stopping by! :) No, I didn't do the design myself, the VERY sweet Mary Ann at {the blog design blog} Creatively You did it for me for free! :)
    And thanks SO much for praying, she really needs it.


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