Wednesday, November 9, 2011

on talking to one's self

I have a confession to make.
I talk to myself.
Yeah, that's right, I talk to myself.

Through my experience, I've learned a few things. Such as: It's not smart to talk to yourself while walking through Walmart. You can earn some weird stares that way...

So, I've decided to share my learned knowledge on this topic by informing you of areas and places that are and are not acceptable for talking to one's self.  :)

Acceptable places to talk to one's self:
~In your bedroom, while alone
~Alone in the kitchen, baking cookies {It makes for a happy baker, therefore, happy cookies}
~While driving a car, if you can drive {I find it funny watching people talk on their blue tooths while in the car, and if you do talk to yourself while driving, everyone will just think you're talking through a blue tooth. ;)}
~While trying on clothes {after all, it is best to get a second opinion, or at least voice your thoughts ;)}
~When writing a blog post :)

Unacceptable places to talk to one's self:
~At Bath and Body Works {or any other perfumy places}Because, whereas you may not like that scent, the lady next to you happens to own two...or ten....bottles of it and is now buying up the lotion of the same kind}
~As stated before, while walking through Walmart
~In another crowded place, like the dinner table with your family {unless you don't mind telling them that you think the spider, who is on the ceiling, should be name Edwardo}
~While raking leaves....but, then again, go ahead and do it {feel free to start singing as well...throw in some random dance moves!} It amuses the neighbors
~While in bed at 3:00am
~While praying. Seriously.
~While staring at your fresh out of the oven cookies

Yep, I advise you follow that, and you won't have people thinking you're weird. Of course, though, if you do decide to start talking and singing while raking the leaves, They'll know it for sure :)
This doesn't apply for everyone though. For example, if you have awesome friends and  family who enjoy listening to you talk to yourself {or at least just ignore it :P}.
These tips do also apply if you are into the habbit of talking to inanimate objects {which I may or may not do.....}
I hope these tips have helped you! ;)

                                                     Have a good day, girlies!


  1. Hahahaha! XD I totally laughed out loud at this. I talk to myself all the time, I mean, come on! Who else can you share your deepest secrets with besides yourself?! :P

  2. @JesusChick My thoughts exactly! :D Glad ya liked it! ;)


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