Thursday, November 3, 2011

Rebekah Brielle's photo caption contest!

Hi! So, I'm linking up to Rebekah Brielle's caption contest! :D She's got some awesome pictures to choose from, if you want to enter, just click HERE!!!!
                                                   So for the first one:
                                           Dude: "Is this your real hair?"
                                           Taylor: "OWWWWW!!!!YES, what kind of a hair stylist are you?!?!?"
                                            And, for my second entry:
                                             Will: "I'm ignoring you...."
                                             Georgie: "Back, back you horrible beast, I HAVE NO FEAR!"
                                             Ben: *Man, these guys are weird! I'm glad I'm not a regular...*

Haha, yeah, that's all I've got... Now go over there {}and join in the fun! Who knows, you might win! ;)
And here's the button for the contest!


  1. It's a great contest! You came up with some good ones :) I had a lot of fun entering. I hope Rebekah does another one soon :) She sure found some good pictures too...
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)

  2. I love the second one!! hahaha!!
    Cute blog.
    Beth xx

  3. Sierra- It is a good contest! I hope she does one soon too! Hmmm, maybe I'll do one sometime... :D And I thought mine were pretty lame...:P
    Beth- Hey! Thanks for visiting! And just looking at the second picture makes me giggle uncontrollably. ;)

  4. Oops...*another one, that is :)

  5. Hey Trinka!
    Thanks for entering and linking up!
    I am having so much fun reading what you guys come up with! I just keep giggling, and laughing!
    Thanks so much! You captions are amazing <3

  6. Rebekah Brielle- Thanks! I love going back to your blog every few hours to see all the new entries :)
    Miss Raquel-Thank you! I thought your's were soooo funny! haha, I loved yours with William, Georgie, and Ben. :D

  7. You're following me, so I'm returning the favor :))

    Love always, JC


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