Friday, November 4, 2011


Ahhh, earrings! The things that decorate our ears! The things that hurt when you get them put in for the first time. :P
                              You might wear studs,  uh-like these:

Or maybe your more of a dangly kind of girl:
As for moi, I'm a studly kind of gal. ....Oooh....that came out wrong....
They're sooo much simpler, and....they can look like these!!!
I mean, don't you just love those????
Oooohhh, or how 'bout these:
Ahhhhh!!!! So adorable!!!!
But, of course, there are some lovely earrings of the dangly persuasion ;)
Hehe. these just make me want to giggle. i have no idea why.
Ooooohhhhh o_O how 'bout these????
Wow. That's just so totally suh-weeeet!!!!!

Ooooooo....maybe you're the kind of girl who would "prefer not to have a fishhook hanging from my ear!!!!!"
I've met one of those girls. And all I have to say to y'all like her:
You're entitled to your own opinion. :D

Maybe you're a guy. A guy who doesn't want his ears pierced.
And for that, I respect you ;)

But then again, I don't think any guys read my blog ;)

Why did I do this completely random post entirely devoted to earrings?
My answer: I have no idea. But then, neither do you. :D

So....what kind of gal are you?
Have a good day, O readers of this blog!

Oh, yes, and thanks {sososososososo much!!!} for following, Jesuschick13!!!!


  1. I wear all of those types of earrings depending on what my mood is that day. Normally I'm the dangling earring type because I love how it looks free :)

  2. I wear both kinds! But mostly studs, because they are more practicale, I spend a lot of time with kids, and little one's like to pull things.......

  3. I definitely wear the long, "dangly" sort. As a matter of fact, the longer and more unique they are, the more I like them. I have all sorts of "cool" pairs - and I never tire of getting new ones. =D

  4. JesusChick-If I wear dangly earring arround the house for no special reason, my family would start to think there was something wrong with me... :D
    C.C Shoshanah-haha, yeah...I was holding my cousin the other day, and Iwas soooo glad she didn't grab hold of my {small!} hoops as she is wont to do....but I love her!!!!!
    Rissi-Haha, that longest "dangly" earrings I wear are, like, an inch long. But I would LOOOOOOOOOVE to have either those bow ones or the gumball machine ones :)

  5. @Trinka Hey Trinka! I'm replying to your comment :) Yay!


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