Friday, September 30, 2011

Jane Austen Character quiz!


I am...Catherine Morland!

You are Catherine Morland of Northanger Abbey! You love a good Gothic romance - so much, in fact, that you'll fool yourself into thinking you're living one! You are imaginative and naive, which is at once endearing and perplexing. Perhaps your heart is TOO pure...but it is adventurous. After all, you love a trip to Bath or a stay at an ancient Abbey.
Well, I'm not too sure about th accuracy of this quiz ;)  
*I don't believe I've ever actually read a Gothic romance...
*Also, I like to think I can descerne the real world from my imagination :)
*I am rather imaginative at times, though I'm not very naive....though I guess sometimes I can be.
*I don't know if there even is such a thing as too pure a heart <3
*Adventurous? Ehhh...No.
*Actually I prefer showers...just kidding. I've never been to Europe so....

I got the idea to do this quiz from Rebekah Brielle at It's a Love Story. {Yeah, I know, awesome name:) }
If ya want to take the quiz, if you haven't already, {seriously, I feel like the last person to do it; everybody else has it on there blogs:P} it's here at!

Good day, to you! {said in a very bad fake British accent}

Ps:I'm feeling rather British at the moment :)


  1. British is awesome! Last night I was thinking how cool a British guy like William Mosley or Skandar Kanes's so awesome :) I took that quiz the first time I was younger and was still undermined :P and I got Elinor Dashwood. I took it a couple weeks ago and I got Elizabeth Bennet :) I was happier with that. Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)

  2. Cool! I'm glad you took the quiz! Now I know a little bit more about you!
    And I felt like I was the last one to take it! I've seen the button on lots of blogs.
    Cool! I see you got buttons up on the side of your blog. Lookin good :)
    God bless!

  3. I love Britain and everything British! And Jane Austen! I took that quiz before and I got the same result: Catherine Morland. I don't find the results to be completely accurate, but Catherine's one of my favorite Austen heroines, so I'm quite glad I got her.

  4. I took the quiz a while ago and found out I am most like Elizabeth Bennet.
    P.S.You have a nice blog.


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