Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dear Boys and Girls! :)

Okay, my first Dear Boy/Girl post! :)
First the guys...

Dear Daddy,
Even though I'm not super huggy anymore
I still love it when you kiss my forehead...
I'm still your little girl

Dear 1850's Amish teenager,
Cut your sideburns.
I'm serious.
the 1970's romance novelist

Dear gummy boy,
You're cute. I had fun listening to your toddler-speak. :)
Let's do it again soon, k?

Dear Mr. Bug Thing who I just accidentally smooshed,
Good riddance.
I'm now grossed out...

Dear Mercy Me guys,
I love your cover tune grabbags. They're awesome.
Love {love, love, LOVE},

And now the Ladies!!!!!

Dear Neighbor Lady,
Know what? You're pretty cool.
Your secret stalker

Dear Mrs. Librarian lady,
sorry, I didn't read the book.
The description creeped me out

Dear Baby girl,
Can you be any cuter?
your favorite cousin

Dear Pincher,
I'm still rather traumatized.
I was wearing green

Dear Auntie Anne's,
Thank you for making such ah-mazing pretzels,
That's all I can think about right now

Dear girl on Facebook,
So, you broke up with him, got back together, 
and 2 days later broke up again?
Sincerely,'re only 14????

Dear Elise,
Captain Awesome??? Oh yeah, I'm not jealous in the least...
Umm, sarcasm doesn't translate well through the internet

Okay, and last thing:
The term 'Christ Follower' is pretty popular with Christians right now. 'Messiah Stalker' not so much. ~Tim Hawkins
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  1. Great post :)So funny! I like doing the dear bloggers, but I don't think I want to do the dear boys (my sister might see it ;) LOL I have kissed a boy before, but lets face it, he was way too young for me ;) Yes I kiss baby's ;)

    1. Hahaha I kiss babies, too ;) And what's wrong with your sister seeing it??? Well, as long as you don't write one to your crush... ;) But they are really fun to do! :)

    2. Ya, true... ;)

    3. Just in case you have not noticed your header is a little messed up :( Might want to check it out... but then again there is a good chance that it is just my computor ;)

  2. Great post! :) I might have to try that too. :)


  3. Great, cute post, Trinka. =) These are so cute.

  4. Ahhahaha don't be too jealous just yet. ;) Also, totally love me some Mercy Me.

  5. Very clever, Trinka! I think the Boy/Girl posts are fun, though I haven't tried making one.

  6. Pahahaha! I loved this Trinka! Especially the one to MercyMe (I died laughing at their cover tune on Justin Bieber's "Baby" XD ) and the one to the girl on Facebook :P

  7. This made me smile.:)

  8. Hahahaa good riddance to all bugs I've squashed or flushed :) :) And sarcasm does need some help on here... I know right???? You kids need to wait until you can drive at least!!!!!!!!!!! I loved this post Trinka!!!!!!!!!!! Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Because You Are!)


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