Thursday, March 22, 2012

Okay, so, in case none of you knew...
yes, this too :)
Today is Jesus Chick's birthday!!!!  
So, yup.
You always make my day happier when I read your return, I wanted to make your day a little {or a lot. a lot's good too!}more smiley! :)

my cat
It's very important :)

Oh, man. I love this...

All. the. time. -_-

happens all the timmmmme

Friday! Can't wait!! :)
K... thought you'd like it :)



and this just because she {he?} is absolutely adorable! <3
Nothing is absolute...also, where's Spock when you need him? 

Ooh, buuuuuuurn....
Mean-ish...but still funny :)

                                    The Hunger Games-somecards
                                                   To all you mega Hunger Games fans:
                                                      May the odds be EVER in
                                                    your favor!

penguin paperclips!

                                                          The new Penguin boot from Camper for kids footwear winter 2011 

                                                      Penguin Physicist joke

                                                                 And, now random song time!!!!
For the Moments I Feel Faint {Never Underestimate My Jesus}~ Reliant K
You can't go wrong with Reliant K, right? ;)

Okay, so everybody go on over to her blog and wish her a happy birthday!!!!!!

{I just love making a huge deal out of people's birthdays!}

    The new Penguin boot from Camper for kids footwear winter 2011

  • I got all these from pinterest


  1. OMIGOSH!!!!!! You are so awesome, Trinka!!! :D I absolutely loved this! All the penguins, and the hilarious pictures! Just to let you know, I literally BURST out laughing at the "strobbery" picture! XD My sister was giving me the "omigosh what in the world is wrong with you?" look ;)
    Thank you again, so so so so much Trinka. You seriously just made my day! :)

  2. I wished her a happy birthday too and I'm hosting a giveaway if your interested in looking at it

  3. Happy birthday sweet girly! I went and wished her on her blog too :) Love the spider one (that is way to true!) and the rock is beaten by paper. :) I hope she has the most wonderful birthday! Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Because You Are!)

  4. So sweet of you to post, Trinka.

    That iPod/iPad vs. a set of new markers made me smile. That was so me when I was a child. Of course, that techno stuff wasn't around when I was nine or ten either. ;-D

  5. Hello again! :) Your comment made me realize that my blog button is missing! I had made one earlier, and now I don't know what happened to it...hmm...I think something might hvae happened when Sophie re-designed my blog for me...either that or its a secret agent blog button off on a mission saving the world...yeah I think it might be the second one ;D
    I would LOVE for you to make me a button!!! I've always loved your work, and wanted one, but I didn't want to bother you haha

  6. YAYAYAYAYAY! I did a mega happy dance as well ;D You can email me at
    When I email you back, it will say "topdog11" in the sender line...that was just my online name before I started using JesusChick ;D

    1. Oh boo. "" I apologize, I forgot the h *facepalm* I'm such a blonde at times, please forgive me!

    2. ...not sure if my previous comment posted...oh well hehe I'll just type it again. I messed up when I was typing, my email address is I apologize! I must of had a blonde moment happening or something :P

  7. Happy Birthday Jesus Chick {2 days late ;)}!!!


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