Monday, February 6, 2012

Music Monday and a request

Hey, girls! :) So, I've read on a lot of different blogs that Google Friend Connect won't be on Blogger anymore {which means everyone will lose their followers!}!!! But I've found Bloglovin'... You'll have to make an account {it's super easy and free} then just click on the button on my sidebar! Thanks! :)
And now for the song!

Listen to the Sound~Building 429
So... yeah...
Bye, girlies!
Update: Hmm, I was thinking... {I know, y'all are so proud of me} maybe you could just hit the "follow" button on the top of the blog...

<a href="">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>


  1. i followed you this morning when i switched over. although, doesn't it suck that we can't see who our followers are?? they were pretty vague about whether or not blogger users who already have the gfc widget could still keep it, but i just wanted to be on the safe side =)

    1. Urg! It does!!! Al I know about it is what I heard from other bloggers :P
      And thanks for following me :)

  2. I followed with Blog Lovin'! How do you add that gadget to your blog? I want it badly!:D

    1. Oh, thanks for following me on there! What you have to do is:
      go to 'account'>click on 'widgets'> choose your icon. and then follow the instructions they give you!
      I hope that helps! :)

  3. I'll just be able to follow you with rss feeds, not bloglovin. Sorry. I will stay updated with your blog.
    I still don't get why gfc had to shut down.

  4. I followed you blog loving. You can check my blog out on blog loving if you want!

  5. Trinka, where did you get the little button that says whatsoever things are lovely, pure, etc...?


  6. It is so sad! As soon as I get an account I will be following your blog through Bloglovin' Trinka. Because I love your blog :) And You :) Love that song :) Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)


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