Friday, January 20, 2012


Hi, girls :) So I've been slacking off at blogging. :P But I have a reason! I've been doing tests since today is the last day of the semester. {In fact, I just got done with my school work :P} Ummm...okay, that was kind of a lie. I've actually only been doing tests today and yesterday... the other days, I was just being lazy. :)

Okay, so right now, these two little girls who live on our street are walking by, and one of them has on an adorably cute hat!  Just sayin'  {I'm gonna make myself one!}

Annnnnnddddd, this post was pretty much pointless....
Oh! Look at the pretty bow!
Retro 80s Inspired/Fairy Kei/Decora Kei/Sweet Lolita Japanese Hair Bow/Barrette/Hair Clip - Pink Polka Dot Pastel Aqua Light Blue

Ahhhhh....yeah, this was pretty pointless.


  1. Hahaha, but the bow is cute!! (:

    1. Isn't it? Too bad I'm not into sewing or else I'd make myself one. :P

  2. Pointless or not (it wasn't!), it is great you are back to blogging, Trinka! Hope that trend continues. =)

    1. Awww, thanks! :) And, yes, I will be blogging more often I hope! :)


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