Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fail and an Award

First of all: some advise for you all: always, always follow the recipe. ALWAYS. Because, you see, yesterday, I had a hankerin' for some brownies...but alas, we had only one egg left. But did this stop me? Oh, no.  So, I looked up some recipes for egg-less brownies. There were a few, but all of them seemed to include many different steps for which I was too lazy to do. So, I just went with the original recipe. The one that called for four eggs. "Ehh, I don't need to follow no stinkin' recipe!" I used the recipe as a sort of...guideline. I mixed, I added, I tasted. I added some more. Finally, it looked slightly like brownie batter, so I added it to the pan {the Perfect Brownie Pan, I might add. I thought that by using that, maybe the brownies would miraculously because perfect.
When the 45 minutes were up, I opened the oven and took out a black, boiling, suspiciously smoky smelling mess.  Yet, I set it on a pot holder on the dining room table to cool. By the time dinner was over, the brownies were cool, and we could comences with eating them. I let my family go first ;) After about an hour, and they weren't dead, I decided to try one.
And they were gross. {but my mom likes them...}
So, the lesson here is: Always follow the recipe. Unless you're a baking genius. Which I am not... :P

ANYWAY, I was awarded by  JessicaRachel and Emma Margaret. They each gave me the  Kreativ Blogger Award!!!! Thanks sooo much, girls!

3) Award other blogs, and let them know in a comment/email that they have been awarded

Right now it's We Are by Kari Jobe :)

brownies :)

When people disrespect teenagers because...they're teenagers. {they
automatically think that we're immature or not responsible}

I go to my room and sulk. Pray, read a book.

My grandparent's pug, 
Oooh! Black, definitely. :)

Having to go to an actual high school, instead of
continuing Homeschool. :P {Hey, you never know,
it could happen!}
Yeshua. {most definitely}

eating candy whilst reading a christian or historical romance :)

1.I hate toe-socks
2.Whenever I get nice yarn,
like silk or wool, I'm afraid to make anything with it. :P
3.I am very cold right now
4. This is my new favorite quote:"If you have a group of twelve kids who don't understand your illustrations and one of them wants to kill you, you have a youth group just like Jesus." - Mark Yaconelli.
5.I have a headache
6.The library is my favorite spot to be, other than church and home
7.I just felted for the first time!!!!
I award:

I would've awarded many others, but y'all have all ready gotten it! :)
Goodnight, girlies! :)


  1. I have awarded you Kreativ blog award too =)

  2. That makes me so angry too!! Why can't they just be respectful to everyone?

    That quote is awesome♥ I love it.

    Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  3. @Emma Margaret Oh, thanks! I can't believe I missed it! :)

  4. CONGRATS, Trinka! =)

    Guess, you learned the "hard" way how NOT to make brownies, huh!? lo! ;D

    1. Yeah...and I've learned from now on to stick with boxed brownie mixes. :) And thanks!

  5. NO WAY!
    We are by Kari Jobe is my favorite too!
    I love her(:
    Im going to see her at Winter Jam in a couple days!
    I am just a little bit excited.
    xxo, Jazzie

    1. Really?! I love her, too! I am SOO jealous :)

  6. Oh, thank you so much! :) That was sweet of you. ;)



  7. Yes it is important following the rules. Sometimes we just learn through trial and error. Do you have a chocolate chip cookie recipe that I could try. The last one I made, well lets just say they weren't the bomb.

  8. Yup,following the rules is important. It's just that in baking...I don't know, but I think I have some sort of genetic disorder where I can't follow the recipe to-a-t... I always end up adding this or that, or just totally not seeing one {or three!} ingredients or steps listed. :P
    For chocolate chip cookie recipe, though? I usually go with the tried and true Toll House cookie recipe {tried and true for other people actually...my "results" are always different...and not always the tastiest}. The recipe is usually on most bags of chocolate chips. But I found a link on pinterest for tips on how to make the perfect chocolate chip cookie: http://theperfectchocolatechipcookie.com/instruct.php
    Hope that helps!

  9. Thank you so much! I will do that post tomorrow!

  10. I posted!

  11. You are so right. That is my guilty pleasure! And that would be scary going to high school. *Shudder* But no offense to those who do go.I had the same problem! Who to give it too!!!!!!!!!! And Brownies are amazing. :( yeah one time my cookies went over the pan. It happens to everyone. Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)


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