Sunday, December 18, 2011

In memory of Jubilee Duggar

I don't know if you all heard, but the Michelle Duggar has miscarried her 20th child. :(
It was about 4 or so months. In memory of Jubilee Shalom Dugger {isn't that the sweetest name?}, they took pictures of the sweet stillborn little baby. :)
{I hope this is okay putting these pics on here...}

Doesn't that show how precious these little ones are? You can see her itty bitty little fingers! So sweet!

And here is a image of her sweet little feet!!!

Here is an article telling the story of these dear photos...

Please disregard the ugly, mean comments in the article. :(
PS: thanks a bunch to my 23 follower, jahnavi!


  1. How sad... What an amazing show of God's power, though! Such a tiny little life; such a tiny person so fully formed. The Duggar family is such a wonderful testimony of God's power and love. I will be praying for them all! Thanks for sharing this, Trinka!

    In Christ,

  2. i saw this earlier today on facebook -- so touching. how dare anyone say such innocence is 'controversial?' this little one's life, however brief, was precious, and deserves to be shared.

    kudos, girl ;)

  3. SOOOO sad =( *sniff sniff* It was a girl rite?

  4. My mom mentioned about the Duggar's miscarriage. That's really sad. :( But I like the name they chose for her. The photos aren't coming out, but I'm sure she looks sweet.

  5. Thanks everyone for your comments! It is so sad what happened, and even worse how people think that "How DARE the Duggars mourn the loss of that child! They all ready have 19 others!" :P
    And Emma Margaret- They actually didn't know yet, but they apparently just decided that she was a girl :)

  6. wow...that must be really hard for the duggars..

  7. Aww that is so sad :( But those little toes and hands..who but God could have made something like that? Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful ♥ (Cause You Are!)

  8. That is HORRIBLE how they thought that "How DARE the Duggars mournthe loss of that child! They all ready have 19 others!" ='(

  9. @Emma Margaret Hi! I was umm, misinformed. She actually IS a girl, for a fact. Just wanted to clear that up!


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