Friday, December 9, 2011


So, this is a rather controversial subject. Many people are either dead set against it or for it. Some don't care. And some don't even have an opinion on it, they don't think of it.
The subject to which I am referring is abortion.  

I believe that a child becomes a child the moment it is conceived, and by taking this child's life, whether less than three months or not, the sweet little baby is murdered. Think about it. He/She might have grown up to cure cancer or AIDS or even the common cold! But that dear sweet child was never given a chance.
In the video right below, 180, the man likens abortion to what happened during the Holocaust. And he's right. Just like Hitler did, many people are choosing to just "get rid of" their "problem."
                                                             Warning: This video is a little graphic.



  1. I live in Mississippi and we just had a vote on proposition 26 that an unborn baby IS a human. Sadly there were not many votes for it. Humans are God's most wonderful creation. I HOPE one day this can be over turned but doubt it will. But NOTHING is impossible with God.


  2. It's so sad when people just automatically decide that it's the mothers choice weather the child gets to live or die. Even when, in most cases the mother could have prevented the whole pregnancy!:(

  3. I know it is VERY sad. And they are inocent. I KNOW it must make God sad.

  4. So sad. I'm going to have to share this too. Thanks for sharing Trinka! Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)


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