Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The thoughts going through my brain {have fun delving through it all!}

I guess this post will just be a random one...I'll type anything that comes into my head :P {Be afraid, be VERY afraid}
  • I {finally!!!} got to watch Tangled today thanks to my awesome Daddy who got it from Redbox :)
  • I love like {the feelings not that strong :)}wearing jackets
  • delving is a fun word, no?
  • I want to learn more about God's sovereignty {whew, that's hard to spell!}
  • Thank goodness for Spell Check :)
  • I like weird lumpy wool yarn :)
  • The Lottery {by Shirley Jackson} is an absolutely terrible story... *shudder*
  • I like happy endings
  • Edgar Allen Poe must've been a little {...or a lot...} wonky
  • You know what I mean? Writing a story about a crazy person who kills an innocent old man?!?!?!
  • But then again, maybe that was just his writing style...maybe he wasn't actually as creepy and wonky as I think he was.
  • I can be rather judgemental of dead authors
  • Sometimes I yell at old dead authors of the Bible {like, for example, PAUL} because I don't like what they wrote
  • Have you ever noticed that Paul had a very distinctive writing style?
  • I kinda wish the keys on this computer were pink
  • They would be so pretty!!!
  • The keys would be pink and the letters/numbers would be a pretty brown :D
  • Talking to Jesus keeps me sane.
  • Have you ever read The Anybodies?
  • It's a really cute story
  • NCIS is tonight :)
  • Thanks soooo much for the comments y'all have written :)
  • The reason I haven't replied to them is that I really don't know what to reply
  • So if you are wondering if I even read it, yes I read each and every one and YESSSS I absolutely LOVE getting them:)
  • alrighty now, all in lowercase!!!!
  • Gustave is an awesome name
  • And it makes me laugh:D
  • Yeahhh....this is getting kinda long, soooo.....
Bye and God Bless!!!


  1. Hey Trinka!
    Wow Trinka, that was really random! Haha, but I LOVE it ;) Those kinds of posts are the funnest anyway!

  2. Oooh! Wasn't "Tangled" just adorable!? One of these days I need to post my review that has been written since, well, whenever it came out on DVD! YIKES! Spell-check is great; "NCIS" is awesome, and happy endings...? They are the best. =)


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