Friday, October 28, 2011

My first award!!! :)

Hi! So, someone gave me an award, and, as you can tell from the title, it's my first one!!!!!!
                                                 So, apparently, I'm an inspirational blogger :)

Contemporary Dancing
I got this award from the very sweet, very random, Rebekah Brielle! :)
Soooo.....whereas I've never recieved a blog award, I've read enough of other people's that there's always some type of rules to go along with it :)
Here they are:

1. Be sure to post the award on your blog, for all of your readers to admire!
2. You will need to link back to the person who nominated you!
3. Make sure you tell your readers 7 random facts about yourself!

4. Also mention your favourite hobby, colour and food!
5. Pass this award on to your 10 inspirational bloggers! (You can choose the person who nominated you!)
Alrighty, I've done the first one :) right up there ^ to admire :)
Secondly, here's the link to the ah-mazin'
Thirdly...aww man! They have to be random??? They can't be planned out and concise?
Mehhh, that's alright, I'm a very random person :)
1. Okay, so, as a five year old little girl, I had a very
bad expierience with nutella, and now I refuse to try it ever again. does look good. Maybe not...ever again....

2. Ella Enchanted  has been my favorite "princess" book ever since I was ten or so
Ella enchanted (book cover).jpg
If you haven't read it, you should! {believe me, it's much better than the movie :)}

3. I don't like cream cheese frosting :P
Cream Cheese Frosting
I prefer the other kind {only homemade though, of course!} with just butter,
powdered sugar, milk, and vanilla. :) Yummmm <3

4. Purple pens are the BEST!!!

                                                    5. Cute boxes like these are amazing!
Rosewood Hand Carved Box (India)
                                                   ...even when I don't put anything in them...
                                                           6. I love wearing hats. <3
Especially earflap hats :)

7. I LOVE getting comments :)
young woman with a laptop Stock Photo - 2631101
But then you all ready knew that :) {sorry 'bout the water mark :P}

mmmkay, my hobby {other than blogging :)} is reading :)
Young girl reading book in park in summer day stock photography

my favorite color{s} are pink and brown...
in case you didn't realize that ;)

My favorite food is......oh, gosh, I don't know!
Though....I guess it would have to be chocolate :)
Chocolate and shavings
Okay, so now I'll choose my top ten inspirational bloggers :)
{Though, many of you have probably already recieved this award ;)}

Contemporary Dancing

I award:

Sorry I didn't get EVERYONE that I think is an inspirational blogger, but I tried to pick mostly people who hadn't just gotten it :)
Rebekah Brielle, thanks for awarding me, I had fun doing this!
And thanks Eve and C.C Shoshanah, for following me!


  1. Thanks for the award! Haha, I've never tried Nutella but I do love chocolate and purple pens and reading.

  2. Emii- Thanks for visiting! And you totally deserve the award ;)

  3. I much prefer the Ella Enchanted book too. The movie was lacking something magical that the book had. I found Anne Hathway irritating.
    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, chocolate!!! <3 =)

  4. C.C Shoshana- My thoughts exactly! And I'm thinking about doing a post entirely dedicated to chocolate...mmmm :)

  5. Hmmm... I think I disagree with you SOME about "Ella Enchanted." The book is really sweet, but the movie is too... =)

  6. Thank you for the award, Trinka! I enjoyed reading about you. And I simply adore Ella Enchanted, the book! It was so much better than the movie.

  7. Rissi- The movie DID have some high points {I really liked how they did the beginning}...but, I still hold by my belief that the book was better. ;) Though, I'm thinking, maybe if I wasn't comparing it to the book every time I watched it, I would have a better opinion :)
    Jemimah-You're welcome! It was fun learning that stuff about you :) Hahaha, I read Ella Enchanted, like, 5-10 times a year :)

  8. Ella Enchanted was a lot better than the movie.The movie was too modern. Comments! Reading! (I'm going to keep doing this please ignore) PINK! Chocolate!!!!!!! Yummy!!!!!! You tagged me! Thanks so much sweetie! I am devastated. I haven;t been getting blog updates and I've missed so many great posts! it stinks :*( I'll be making sure to check from now on :) Have a great day! Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)

  9. Sierra-That's alright about missing the posts...after all, I believe it was my fault. :P I changed the blog address, and forgot to let every one know... D: Oh well...I'm glad you liked the post! Tirzah- You're welcome! YYou derserve it very much! :) on My first award!!! :)


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