Tuesday, October 18, 2011

In His Image

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                  Just today, I was thinking of my looks. I thought to myself, "UGLY!" I remembered how I must have looked with my frizzy hair flying everywhere as I ran yesterday (mind you, that is not a everyday occurrence, only a once a week kind of thing). How I must have looked later when I put my hair up in  those ridiculous pig tales.

But then, I remembered. I was made in God's image. I was made in God's image. I was made in God's image. Do you understand that?
...God made humans in His image reflecting His very nature. ~{part of} Genesis 9:6 The Message
I'm made in the image of GOD!!!! Not the in the image of a monkey, not in the image of a horse, in the image of GOD!!! I'm just, well, in awe of the fact that the Lord loves us so much that He decided to create the entire human race in his image. Okay, now I'm going to go off on a little money trail, here.-Everyone was made in God's image, people. This is including people who have mental and/or physical disabilities. It also includes the babies that aren't born yet. I'll tell you right now that that I believe everyone should have a chance in this world, people with mental and physical disabilities, and unborn little babies.- 

 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.~Psalm 148:14

So, when I'm saying that I'm ugly, I'm basically saying to God, "You aren't really that beautiful,  Lord, and I don't like how you made me."     
I hope that that's the last thing you would ever want to say to God! But, some days I still look in the mirror and sigh, "I wish I was prettier..."  And then, for some reason one of those two verses {Genesis 9:6 or Psalm 148:14} always pops into my head. :) Amazing, right? {Does anyone else ever get super excited when a verse pops into your head at just the right moment? I do. :D}

I don't know if my point was really clear, but, what I meant by all that was, You're beautiful. We are daughters of the King, so let's keep our heads high and remember, we're beautiful; we're princess'.
                                                 Mirror- Barlow Girl    :)

God Bless, Girlies!

*Before you go there, I'll warn you that about 9 out of 10 pictures are inappropriate.


  1. I think people often "forget" that we are made in God's image without even meaning too. (Don't know if that even makes sense, but I don't want to go into my whole explanation - we'd be here all day if I did so! LOL!)

  2. Rissi: Yeah, I get what you mean. :) Though I wouldn't mind reading your "explanation" even if it was as long as a book ;)


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