Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dear Photograph :)

So, I was thinking, {*gasp*} should I change the blog's name?

I was also thinking of  giving it a makeover.

So what do you think? Any name suggestions? Because, seriously, I have none.

                                         Isn't that so cute?

                        Aww...the Dad pushing a stroller :)  Weren't the strollers back then just so cute?

               This one isn't really the best one or one of my favorites,but I put it on here because it's so funny. :)
        So, those pictures are all from a really cool website called Dear Photograph.
Go ahead, click on the link, check it out.....You know you want to. :)

Okay,  so I haven't been able to find the little part in John that I was talking about earlier, but maybe one of you can help me? In fact it may not be in John after all....I don't have a very good long term memory. :P 
Okay, have a good rest of the day, girlies, and may God be with you. :)

Ps: Please comment, I really like 'em!



  1. Hey Trinka!
    Those pictures are so cool! I like the second one the best ;)
    Okay, my advice to you is: Give your blog a makeover and change the name, see how you like it and if you like it, great! If not, just change it back.
    I'm sure we all won't mind ;)
    Be yourself, and don't worry if we don't like it. This your blog, and you can do what YOU like!
    If you DO decide to change it, you could call your blog Trinka's Treasures or maybe Beautiful Girlhood!
    What ever YOU like :)
    God bless, and I hope this helps you out Honey!

  2. The name should be something that reflects you and it should be something you like. I love what the design is right now and try to keep mind that something to flashy will make it hard to read the blog i don't know if I said that right.It's easier to read and enjoy the posts if the background is nice, pretty and soft. I think that was better :P Those pictures are great! Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)

  3. Yeah, that makes sense,and thanks!


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